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Okay so about this guy who I like in class.
1. His name is Jim
2. He MIGHT have asked me out.
3. He tired to add me to facebook but I ignored him by accident.
4. According to my friends in class he has a girl friend.
I dont know what to do. He blurts out from the back of the classroom "will you be my date for the grad party."
I said "sure" but there's been nothign more about it except for his friend asking me if I was still on the fence. I said I was still waiting for my schedule b/c chapters doesnt' allow you to book time off in Dec b/c we're so busy.

There has been nothing since and I really dont know what to do... I do like him which is the problem. If I ask and he was being a jerk he wins... If I dont ask and he was serious I might miss out... So, what to do?!?

"The point is moo, you know, like a cows opinion, it doesn't count."
Okay, I just ahve one thing to say right now, and I might need to add to this later.


Cx" I dont know my pin for my chip card, you are going to have to type it in"
Me "Sorry, I can't do that"
Cx "yes you can."
Me "No we can't, it has a chip for a reason."

(they aren't wrong, I in fact can. But the point I was making was that if we just typed in the number for credit cards where people forgot their pin then what would be the point of having the chip cards or the chip readers?!? I could have probably just gotten photo ID and called a manager but I was in a bad mood so I made them choose another form of payment! Plus, they didn't say please!

I had numerious people walk away from me and didn't acknowledge I said "have a good day" and I had a couple of people surley about the line but we had somebody call in sick and nobody would come in to replace them. so it in fact was not our fault, we were doing the best we can.

That is it, that is all...  (for now)

Time to start an eight hour shift.

Love you guys

"I made the mistake of treating him like a responsible adult"
:-) To get that, that quote is really funny you'd have to watch the mentalist!
there's also "God forbid you do anything tedious" and "An innocent man would have punched me by now..."
  hehe! :-)

Okay so I'm here at work... It's busy busy but we have enough staff so that's fine..

What I'm REALLY on here to write about is how "A Law abiding Citizen" is rated 14A... meaning people 14 years and older can get in to see it. (I'm surprised cath didn't get IDed :-P Still remember her getting IDed for LOTR!!! LOL) In what universe should a 14 year old be going to see such a voilent gorey movie??!? I am 22 years old and I still had nightmares!!! At least Saw IV is 18A!!
there's my rant of the day! 
Love you all!

"Don't hate boring people, without boring people we'd have nobody to do our taxes"
Okay so right now I'm sitting in the Caf, listening to Bat For Lashes (even though nobody suggested them to me, I just saw Laura and Catherine writing on facebook.) eating pizza with my hands, yes, that's right folks, with my HANDS!
I am at school early because I was picking out new glasses with my mom and then after we were finished I got droped off. I picked out one pair of regular glasses and got a perscription pair of sunglasses! Mostrly because my dad always steals mine, even if they are girly! Now nobody can steal them!!! WHAHAHAHA..

So, I haven't posted since before school and so here's an update on how school is going... basically it sucks! 
My Human Resource teacher is super mean! He yelled at me the other day because nobody else in the group wanted to present so I did most of it. I mean, what am I suppose to do?!? Force them to do something they don't wanna do?!? I mean, I know I do it to you guys all the time but, not to people who aren't my friends! :-P No seriously, I wouldn't like to think I force you guys to do anything you dont wanna either.
but he was a real jerk to me of course I'm not going to embarass the people in my group who are standing right there bu saying "no they didn't want to" but it isn't happening again today, they ARE presenting their equal share of the presentation and that's the end of that chapter man! I know it's been a week and I should be over it and really I was but just going back to class with him for the first time I'm just like "blah"

the only glass I like, oddly enough, is my political science course. Well, it has my favorite teacher which is why I took it in the first place but it's fun and he encourages us to debate each other and stuff.. it's really great! but besides that, everything is pretty stessful and pretty much sucks!

My proff for my other course is nice but I find his teaching style leaves a little to be desired! I mean, it could be worse, for sure, but he doesn't go over how to do the math problems he just wants us to be able to do them which I am finding kind of stressful... Well not to this point because I'd learned everything before but the upcoming chapters I'm like "holy hell" 

the only thing that is keeping me sane is the thought that this is going to be over soon and then I'm done... and the brief moments of relaxation I get, like writing this post.

i feel liek I have more to write about but I really need to be getting up to class!! 

Hope you're wishing me luck! 
Later dudes and dudettes!

Just be thankful this day hasn't happened to you!

AsI suck at uploading pictures on this website you will be burdoned with the task of going to Facebook if you wish to see them! 

On another note, my life is completely rediculas!!!

Here is my day so far!

I went for a run, well, more like a light jog but that's neither here nor there... I tried to do a new route to make my jog a little longer than the usual 3.5-4 k and I got lost, yes lost in my own subdivision! I ended up (II'm not sure how) at Colin's Bay Road which surprises me! 
Ironically I'm not the first person that this has happened to in my twisty subdivision! Melissa has gotten lost and it took her three hours to get home once! LOL! Once I realized I was on Colin's Bay road and would have to do a massive lap (or what I consider massive) and go onto a main road or turn around and go back, guess what I did??? Turned around and went back! Up this huge hill, almost akin to the "hill that never ends" in Montreal! LOL! Needless to say, I was pooped by time I got up it! Alas, I dredged on and got home 45 minutes later...
Then I put out the laundry my mom had done last night, cause I'm a good daughter, and she told me to! LOL!  But the next time I step outdoors I realize that the post for our clothes line has SNAPPED!!!!!! I knew the clothes was heavey but MAN OH MAN! So i picked up the clothes and brought them inside and am waiting for dad to come home so that he can see what he can do withit.. but the post ssnapped so I dont think there's anything he can do at the current moment!!!
And so then I did the dishes!!! it took me a half an hour to do the pan we used to cook our ham in last night, who would have known that it would be THAT hard!!! I mean, the damn fat didn't want to come off no happer how hard I scrubbed and how much hot water I put in there, my wash cloth just went right over it!! I was like "COME ON!!!" LOL! and now I'm exhausted and need to go to work! LOL! Ironic eh?!? Worn out by 1pm and now it's time to start the eight hour work day! LOL! Oh well, at least I'm in a good mood all things considered!! LOL! 
this is one of those days I laugh at everything because if I didn't laugh, I'd cry!! LOL! 

Hope this post was at least a little entertaining!!! Just be thankful this day hasn't happened to you!

Ashley Out!


Headlines from Montreal

Headlines from Cath and Ash’s adventure to Montreal.


Asparagus Pee Fumes Lethal to Bugs: It was a Saturday night when Miss. Ashley Pitcher ate soup with Asparagus in soup. As many people know from loads of scientific studies (I only learned about this when I was at Angie’s the summer)  but apparently when you eat asparagus the next day (for most people) your pee smells. To know why you’ll have to google it. LOL.. but anyways, the next morning Cath was like “did you kill a bug in the bathroom?” I was like “Not unless I stepped on it in the dark” she said “well it isn’t squished” I laugh, “Must have been the asparagus pee.” She laughed and said “little guy didn’t stand a chance!” Personally I think this could be a solution for people who do not like bugs, eat a lot of asparagus.  I heard garlic works as well for mosquitoes. Though I think that’s more myth than fact. I hope you guys don’t think that’s gross, I thought it was pretty funny.


Moving on to our next story


“This is the Hill that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started climbing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue climbing it forever just because…”

Okay so on Sunday there is suppose to be drums and all this stuff going on in the park, so Cath and I go to McGill campus (which looks deceptively close to the park on the map) and on our way we had to walk up this huge ass hill!! I mean it was like a mountain… Catherine is quoted as saying “I could never climb mount Everest, or I might be able to, but I’d complain a lot.” By time we reached the top, we were pretty much ready to die… We were both kind of both laughing and crying because we had no idea where the entrance to the park is… so we enter at an opening near this very posh looking children’s hospital and clip three sets of stone stares Catherine was quoted as saying something resembling “I would like to kill who ever invented stairs.” And then after the second staircase “who’s great idea was this anyways?” I pointed to her (even though it was my brilliant idea, I mean, she did agree to it, RIGHT, RIGHT?) My thoughts were we’d chill under a tree and read our books and eat our lunch that we brought with us… and then climb the hill and watch the sunset, take some pictures and then come down the hill and go to supper… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, after climbing that huge ass hill and the millions of stairs were was no way on this good earth we were going to climb the rest of the hill… LOL… anyways, so when we were finally finished climbing the stairs we got to a bike path, Catherine was looks around, no fields of grass or benches in sight, “Ah nature” she says this with a certain distain that makes me nearly double over in laughter. We eat our chocolate bars with crazy deprived fitness people running and cycling by.. LOL… I felt a little bad but oh well… In another 20 minute Cath grabs on to my arm “I SEE GREE FIELDS AND PICNIC TABLES!”

We sit and eat and a whops attacks me, I’m like “I HATE NATURE!” really I just hate things with stingers but… oh well!

She calls me silly but then a spider lands RIGHT beside her and she moves pretty quickly out of the way. I very skilfully save the day but throwing my sandwich wrapper at the spider thereby knocking it off the table… hehehe, it was pretty neat if-I-do-say-so-myself. I then proceeded to not be a litter bug and picked up the wrapper and throw it in the trash bin.

After of about an hour and a half at the park (it took us an hour to get there) we had had enough and went back our “ice box” (what we called our air conditioned hostel room)

And had a nap and then went to this sweet little restaurant where we had soup that consisted of too much cheese (Stephanie would disown me for saying that).

And went home feeling full and rather sick.. (The idea of cheese made Catherine shudder afterwards)

OHHH, another point that fits under this headline, the SINGING!!! Oh my gosh!! The SINGING!! Catherine didn’t stop with singing!!!! the “bounty the quicker picker upper” song will always be in my head along with the theme song to “reading rainbows”. LOL.

OHH and at one point during dinner Catherine started singing Elvis songs… I have to admit I did my fair share of singing too. I’m surprised we didn’t get arrested for indecent singing in public places.


“Crazy”(pissed) transvestites taken off bus by police in Kingston Ontario.  Okay, I’ll start off by saying I’m not sure how accurate this headline is. Under Statute 1.1 under the Press Act I don’t need to worry about that anyways. I’m not sure what term is more P/C Cross-dressers or transvestites but anyways, they were simply men in woman’s clothing and they had make-up kits and wigs. Moving along, we’re not exactly sure about what happened and who started the confrontations, this band of asshole young people who are disgusting bigots or the people who were taken off the bus. All we know is that the young bunch of jerks got to stay on the bus but the other two got taken off by police and were yelling at the officers when we left. Apparently they were being disrespectful to the driver and everybody on the bus but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those little arsenal regions made a comment that set them off.. so anyways, I’m reserving judgement on the c “crazy” part but crazy-pissed seems like an accurate descriptor. After we got on the bus they were all like “don’t sit in the yuckiness” (which how they referred to the seats where the couple were sitting. Urg I hate young people, but I can’t even really call them that because they seemed about our age. Bunch-of-creeps!!!

 Seriously, I felt dumber just sitting near them! What was very funny was that one of the girls got locked in the bathroom as we were backing up and started flying around.. I had to keep from laughing out loud!


On the first night we went to the Eaton Centre and to the Cinoplex to see Julie and Julia. On the corner of St. Catherine street or (Rue du St. Catherine) there is bout the biggest (and probably most expensive) HMV I’ve ever seen! (Scott you would have been in Heaven)


There is a TIM HORTONS in the Cinoplex… I have to admit, if the Cinoplex here every tries to stop me from bringing in timies, they have a fight on their hands!! LOL! Oh, and Catherine found that it was four cents more expensive in Montreal. She was outraged, I mean, she just flew into a rage! (or as much of a rage you might picture her getting into which is to laugh and say “I am outraged”)


We found it comical that we both ended up going into our places of work. Catherine a Metro and me an Indigo. LOL, it was kind of funny considering we’re both on vacation but. Oh well! LOL! We needed to eat, and read, RIGHT?


OHHH and Catherine told me about “When Animals Attack” saying that Tarantulas and Black Widows are deadly, but according to the reading I’ve done, neither of them are usually, but in some cases people have been known to die from allergic reaction to their venom. Though there is this brown spider dude that can kill and is found in the southern states (scary) Apparently the site is appalled that so many innocent look-a-like spiders that aren’t dangerous are getting killed for fear of this mega-killer-spider-dude. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT ONLY 25 OF THE 1500 SPECIES OF SCORPIONS ARE DEADLY??? Apparently Arizona has these deadly scorpions and spiders **note to self, never move to Arizona**  Oh yeah, did I tell you that Catherine talking about killer spiders gave me nightmares??!??  IT DID! :-P


All-in-all fun for the whole family! :-P

Hope this post has been sufficiently entertaining as well as informative.


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Okayk, so here was my day yesterday! It was an actually a pretty good day!

I went downtown with my mom first thing in the a.m. (I was dead tired) but a coffee and green tea fixed that!!! I went to yoga which was fantastic!!! I felt so great (hungry but great) afterwards (today I hurt like hell, but I love it because it's a good kind of pain meaning that you just worked your muscles a lot more than usual) !! Went to the mall with Cath where I had veggie and chicken soup and ice cream!!!!! (YUM)
then I have a nice walk home, with a cool breeze!!! I saw two carts from the metro along Bayridge and looked at them, looked back at the metro store, said "screw it" and took them back to the store. I have many reasons for doing this but it was mostly because Catherine said they cost a lot of money and it would be pure lazzyness not to! I had no rush to get home, nothing else to do!! and Besides, if somebody wanted it outside their house and was counting on people being too lazy to bring it back I would love nothing more than to piss them off because frankly, it isn't very nice taking the carts from the store... There are collaspible ones you can buy at like, Zellers and those places so... dont be cheap and by a little cart if you dont have a car and wanna get your food home! I know it's hard but it can still be done... Or get a big backpack! That's what I do when I dont have my car and I need food from the store, I bring my backpack so that I wont have to carry those heavey ass bags all the way home! And another reason is that it looks trashy! Carts scattered along Baybrdige... "look kids, there's the nice park, swings, groshery cart with trash in it." One of them did have trash in it... I am not going to lie, I was not a good enough person to clean it out.. I was like "screw that, itr's nice enough of me to just bring the damn things back"
then after that me and my mom made homemade soup (which I'm going to have like, right now!) then I went to bead and read my book club book for a half an hour and slept!!! and I slept in today because there was no early yoga... I'm a little disapointed because I was going to go early to yoga Thursday but I can't because there is no early yoga.. it's every second day... mon, wed, fri and that's it... but I can go Friday after work and Sunday.... I could go Wednesday but if Catherine is feeling up to rock climbing I wanna go.. and I could go to a later one today, which I might...  My mom is getting her hair done so I could go down for four thirty and do a yoga class until six and I'd probably still beat her out... But Mel wants to do something so maybe I'll ask her to do something downtown so that I can just head down to the yoga studio afterwards?!?
Anywayas, yesterday was a very simple but awesome day! One of the most relaxing days I've had in a long time!!!

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Okay so I've been told I need to update more.. so here's an update for ye'all
Life has been pretty boring.. apparently I got talked into doing hot yoga with somebody from work tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.
work has been fine, though I am going to be scheduled for floor shifts now nd again as part of my development I think. On the newest schedule I'm slotted for a front-of-store/kiosk phones/music person... I love music but this isn't the music shifts I got before I became a COD... I used to have the Sunday music shift and loved every minute of it... there were hardly any cx and I could just invent things to do.. and then when I became a COD and had a music shift the other two COD's would come up and talk to me and hang out... I know as a cashier I hate when supervisors do that so I try to keep it to a minimum... I'm usually always out with the cashiers unless I have something I actually need to talk to the other person about.. something that I dont want the other cashiers to overhear.. because trust me. at chapters there is a surprising amount of drama for bookish people.
One girl likes this guy, who likes another girl and now she's all like "I wanna die" and "my life sucks" I'm like "how totally  dramatic" and apparently her and her roommate who also works at Chatpers aren't getting along too well. they mutter things under their breath and everything.. and their both cashiers... i'm like "I'm stayin' out of it" but it's hard when they're both talking yoru ear off about the other...
when they are both working, it's super super awkward... I had to deal with that a couple of weekends ago, the other supervisor was like "have fun" I groumbled "yeah right"
err.. that's why I'm glad we have new cashiers, so much less drama!
There's this other girl who never has any real drama but she has really bad mood swings and sometimes she'll go into really great detail about things I dont even wanna know about and things I will not mention on this journal, ever.
there's one girl from Queens who I totally get along well with, she's totally cool but I never get to work with her... I mean, everybody is cool in their own right, but everybody eseems to have something going on that's all dramatic and not pleasant at all to deal with. I miss the good old days when one's personal and work life were totally segregated!! We've all been working together for way too long!!! 
They aren't very nice to new people either! I LOVE new people!!! (I know what you're thinking Catherine, "of course you do Ashley") but it's true, I do!!! I love being able to teach them something (if I were to use the word teach loosely) and I love that they do not know me well enough to tell me anything what-so-ever about their personal life, because frankly, I don't wanna know! 
Well, I mean, with some people I don't mind.. butwith somebody they've been going on about the same thing for months now and I'm starting to get tired of it.
there is my rant about drama at work!
I have to go to bed.
But there is your post
talking about drama
how dramatic!
Love you guys!

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hey ye'all!
So, I went down to Queens the other day to see if I could take a course for one of my electives, just one course... But no! apparently I am doomed to Political Science and "Current issues in management" :-S Riviting!
I was hoping for at least one none-business related course.. i gues I could count PS as that, but not really because politics is as boring as business.
I really do find some of the courses interesting but hontestly, they did not give us very entertaining electives.
Ethics and English last year were much more fun! Or at least, so i would assume.
This could be because the most popular courses were the business related courses.. The science and technology, english and ethics were the smallest of the bunch!
My real dream is to become a writer, but as you may have probably guessed by the vast amount of misspellings and typo's my tallents iin that area are lacking. I do maintain that that isn't the most important part of writing (that's what they have editors for) it's the idea and the compolation of ideas that is important, it's the story, not the writing.
**double sigh**
Back to work I go! Ringing in books by tallented authors that can make a living off of what they love...
On an upper note, HURRAY HEAT AND SUN!

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Bum Review of Twilight


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